dn nightwear latest collection is characterized by finesse, freshness and subtle sophistication. Most fashionable color combinations, perfect selection of fabrics and innovative cuts will draw your attention. The latest collection features a madness of spots, simplicity of colourful strips and harmony and elegance of the traditional grid.


dn nightwear Company has been a well-know manufacturer of night clothes for women, men and youth for over 20 years. Following the latest market trends, our designers carefully choose their typefaces products, materials and colors as well as the decorative elements.

dn nightwear offers women's, men's and youth's lingerie, as well as shirts and pajamas for pregnant women and also bathrobes. Materials used for the collection is primarily high-quality cotton, cotton with laycra, velvet, and viscose. dn nightwear collection adresses the young and active who are sensitive to the current trends and who value convenience. We also have a line for those who prefer simplicity and elegance. The company's mission is to create goods perfectly matching the needs of the body, giving a sense of sensual comfort, and at the same time satisfying even the most sophisticated tastes. Our company is one of the best manufacturers of nightwear in Poland. Our advantage is the unique design, accuracy, precision and attention paid to every little detail. Our collections are created under the guidance of top designers and specialists for whom fashion is not just a job, but most of all passion. The entire production process from chosing knitted fabrics and cutting to sewing and creating silk-screens and embroidery is done in Poland, and conducted with accordance to the highest standards.

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manufactured in Poland

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